About Whitney

I generally tell people that I became a trauma therapist by accident. My first job post-graduate-school was at a treatment center that valued specialized training. So, during my first year as a licensed counselor, I traveled to at least eight different trainings, most of which centered around trauma and PTSD. Then I was hooked. Once I’d been trained to see trauma and come to appreciate the complexity that it brings to the counseling field, there was no going back (this is when I really decided to be a trauma therapist). Since that point, I have diligently sought out more specialized training that has helped me grow significantly, both personally and professionally.

I have been so incredibly blessed thus far in my career by amazing mentors, teachers, and therapists. As I move forward in my career, my focus is shifting to include more of the “metas” of the counseling and trauma world, including teaching, writing, supervising, and consulting.

While you’re here, feel free to contact me via the form on my contact page, learn more about the consultation and supervision services I offer, or jump over my counseling clinic page (linked below).

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